It's finally FROZEN OVER!

Who's Who?

The owners:  Jamie Bergin, James Myette, Taryn Bergin and Jarrett Carter all in varying percentages.   

Why “it’s finally Frozen Over”?

James Myette and I (Jamie Bergin) already invest in rental properties in Lindsay but we were looking for a way to continue to invest in the town while diversifying our investments.  To do this we also felt that we needed fresh young eyes that would make us look at the town from a different perspective.  So, for the summer, we hired Taryn, (who is entering her 4th year at Queen’s University) and Jarrett, (who is on his way to the University of British Columbia in the fall) to help us.  

Their mandate was two fold.  One was to help us with several capital projects regarding our Lindsay properties and the second (but more important task) was to come up with a business idea that would be worth putting some money behind.  So, with our guidance off they went. 

They studied Lindsay deeply, it’s demographics, its proximity to Toronto, commercial development, its retail footprint, spoke to the town planning department and then decided to identify very similar towns to see what they might have that Lindsay did not.  They even hopped in Taryn’s car and travelled around Ontario looking at the identified towns to see what was missing in Lindsay.  The one that seemed to be catching on was self-serve frozen yogurt shops.  Ironically, it was an idea we had talked out loud about when we had a brainstorming session back in May.  So, it really struck a chord with us. 

We all felt it would be a fun place to own and these types of stores have become very popular in the Connecticut and New York area where Jamie Bergin lives most of the year.  So essentially this is Taryn and Jarrett’s idea and it was looking like a great one so we told them to put a business plan together and come up with a name (what a hoot that was by the way).

Again, with our guidance they spent the better part of two months researching the competition, pricing equipment, looking for the best locations, and we did a cross benefit analysis on buying a franchise vs. doing it independently.  It became very clear that we would need to do it independently if we were going to be successful in Lindsay.  We also felt that Lindsay would support our local investment and how cool it would be if we could make it our flagship store and grow from Lindsay if it was successful. 

So off we went, we found a great location at 4 ½ Cambridge Street North and have already started construction.  We are feverishly working to get the store operational by the end of August so we can “practice” and open in mid to late September.