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YOGA LOFT DESIGNED SMOOTHIES - We started our promotion with the Yoga Loft going on where we are offering discounts for Yoga Loft clients. You may have seen our posters around town? 

Anyway, Joey designed a couple of very healthy smoothies for us and in return we offered discount loyalty card for her new clients to purchase either a Power Smoothie or a Feel Smoothie All Over smoothie here at Frozen Over. So make sure you ask about the discount card if you are signing up at the Yoga Loft! 

Joey was also kind enough to put a pamphlet together illustrating what she believes are the health benefits of each smoothie so I have added that pamphlet here. They are a very healthy choice, taste great and are well deserved after a vigorous work out! 

If you want to know more about the Yoga Loft you can check out their website at (yes, James loves it)