How did Frozen Over Café come to be?

A: Lots of brain power and creativity! And some sweat and tears!

How does Frozen Over Café work?

A: Frozen Over Café follows the trend of other self-serve frozen yogurt stores.  Pick from 12 different flavour combinations of frozen yogurt then top it with whatever you wish (candy, fruit, granola, etc.) then bring your cup to the weigh scale and pay by weight.  It's as simple as that!

What flavours do you have?

A: We have an amazing array of flavours (over 500!!) to choose from so we will be rotating throughout the year.  Tell us what your favourites are or what flavours you would like to try!

What kind of toppings do you have?

A: We carry more than 30 toppings including gummy worms, chocolate covered raisins, granola, fruit loops, fuzzy peaches, fresh fruit and much more!

What type of healthy options do you have?

A: We have non-fat and diary free frozen yogurt selections as well as fresh fruit and granola.  You can also try our freshly made smoothies with an added protein boost.